Exploring Wine History at Quinta de Sequeiros: An Enchanting Journey through the Douro

Explorando a História Vínica na Quinta de Sequeiros: Uma Jornada Encantadora pelo Douro

The Douro, a hidden treasure in the northern interior of Portugal, holds not only a demarcated wine region, but a legacy that dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries. In the midst of majestic landscapes, Quinta de Sequeiros, located on the bank of the EN2 (National Road no. 2), in Sande, close to Peso da Régua, emerges as a true icon of tradition and quality.


Deep Roots and a Careful Restoration

The roots of Quinta de Sequeiros are intertwined with the history of Portugal, having undergone centuries of transformations. Meticulously restored, the property preserves its original features, providing a journey back in time. Among its illustrious owners, the Conde de Alpendurada family stands out, whose ties with the Douro region echo through generations.

Solar dos Dragos: An Expression of Commitment and Passion

Today, Solar dos Dragos, a 100% family company, proudly presents its brand. More than a name, it is an expression of the commitment to producing wines of exceptional quality. This title not only reflects the Quinta's noble heritage, but also symbolizes the passion for enriching the region's unique wine tradition.

The charm of "Baixo Corgo" and its emblematic grape varieties

Located in the westernmost region of the Douro, known as "Baixo Corgo", Quinta de Sequeiros challenges the smallest area with the highest percentage of planted vineyards. This sub-region is home to young, fresh wines, with a distinctive fruity character. Varieties such as Touriga Nacional, Touriga França, Tinta Roriz, among others, play a crucial role, providing unparalleled richness.

A Sensory Journey through Sequeiros Vineyards

A visit to Quinta de Sequeiros is a captivating experience, a journey beyond the ordinary. When exploring the vineyard terraces, visitors are guided by the history and charm of the Douro region. It is as if the vines themselves whisper the secrets of the terroir , revealing the unique elements that distinguish the wines of this region.

Celebration of Enological Diversity and Artisanal Winemaking

The discussion about the wine styles produced at Quinta de Sequeiros is a true celebration of oenological diversity. From robust reds that reflect the intensity of the soil to elegant white wines that capture the freshness of altitude, each bottle tells a unique story. Winemaking is a marriage between artisanal methods and innovation, giving each harvest a unique character.

Tasting in a Welcoming Room

The visit to Quinta de Sequeiros culminates in a welcoming tasting room, offering visitors the opportunity to taste a carefully crafted selection of table wines and Port wines, all produced on the property. The experience is enriched by the presence of other exceptional products, such as olive oil, olives and bread, which complement the sensorial journey through the unique flavors of the Douro.

Tours and tastings are conducted in multiple languages, providing an immersive experience that highlights not only the quality of the wines, but also the richness of local produce. The average visit duration is 20 minutes, offering a deep dive into the history and winemaking tradition of the region.

To experience this unique journey, Quinta de Sequeiros welcomes visitors without the need for advance reservation (in low season). Whether in person or via email or phone, every detail is carefully considered to ensure an authentic experience, capturing the unique essence of the Douro and celebrating the charm of this region.


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