Solar dos Dragos: Gaia and Douro

Port wine and table wine from Douro Valley

Welcome to the unique experience provided by Solar dos Dragos, where the passion for wine and olive oil intertwine in charming locations.


 Vila Nova de Gaia: A Wine Refuge in Vila Nova de Gaia

Tasting room at our Solar dos Dragos store in Gaia

Located in the historic area of Vila Nova de Gaia, we invite you to explore the world of table and Port wines through irresistible tastings. This cozy place is an invitation to sensory pleasure, where every sip reveals the history and care devoted to each wine. In addition to the tastings, enjoy relaxed moments and our delicious snacks, turning your visit into a memorable experience.
Quinta de Sequeiros:Douro - The Birthplace of Wine Tradition

Tasting room at Quinta de Sequeiros in Douro

Embark on a unique journey at Quinta de Sequeiros, in the magnificent Douro. Here, visits come to life as you explore the rich history of the farm and the region. The serenity of the environment intertwines with local wine production, providing a peaceful and enriching experience. The wine tastings, which include not only varieties of table and Port wines, but also olive oil, bread and olives, create a complete sensorial experience. In each sip, discover not only the quality of our products, but the dedication of a tradition that spans generations. Come and be part of the story that shapes each bottle of Solar dos Dragos.

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